Message From Chairperson

It was on January 2001 that I founded College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC) with mere $250 and started courses at the Master's level in Mass Communication and Journalism (MA MCJ), Masters in Development communication and Bachelor's in Mass Communication and Journalism (BA MCJ) - the first by a private college - and we take pride in the fact that it remains the only college focusing entirely on media education in the country. We are pleased to say that around 400 of our graduates and post-graduates are serving the nation as media communication professionals.

Fueled by persistent developments in technology, in particular communications technology, the way people perceive and receive news has changed significantly. And this poses enormous challenges to journalism even though the basics of gathering news remain the same. The onus, thus, lies on us to train journalists who are not only resourceful in collecting information but also flexible to the demands of our times. And I believe this is where we as a journalism college fit in.

We, at CJMC, have always judged our success by our students' performance academically and by the degree of professionalism they exhibit in their line of work, which I must commend have remained outstanding over the years. The core objectives behind all my endeavors has been to imbue professionalism in media practices and to provide an integrative and pragmatic understanding of Journalism to our students.

Journalism as the fourth estate of a country plays a crucial role in its development. News Media has been trusted with stewarding the objectives of democracy. Reporting of news without moral precept and integrity can create unintended impressions on society. We must, therefore, acknowledge our capacity for both good and bad and voice our dissent with objectivity.

My long-standing persistence to have Communication University of Nepal approved by the parliament and my out-spoken requests for financial support for my endeavors, still continues unabated. Hence, any form of support extended by patrons that have witnessed my struggles and achievements over the years has been and will be greatly treasured in my memory and remembered within the walls of this institution.

Dr. Manju Mishra
Director : Nepal Africa Film Festival
Chairperson: College of Journalism and Mass Communication

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