Master in Development Communication (MA Dev. Com.)

Program Length : 2 Yrs
Academic System : Semesters (4) [Teaching & Learning in English and Nepali Medium]
Entry Requirements : Bachelor’s in any discipline
Class Starts : Magh of each year (Jan-Feb)

First Semester

  1. Development & Communication MA. Dev. Com. 501 Communication Concepts and
  2. Types of Communication MA. Dev. Com. 502
  3. Interpersonal Communication MA. Dev. Com. 503
  4. Journalism and Communication Skills MA. Dev. Com. 504
  5. Radio–Programme Writing
  6. Design and Production MA. Dev. Com. 505
  7. Design for Development Activities MA. Dev. Com. 506
  8. Project Work (Based on Master in Dev.Com)

Second Semester

  1. History of Development Communication in Nepal and its Perspective MA. Dev. Com. 507
  2. Research Methods in Mass Communication MA. Dev. Com. 508
  3. Communication Methods and Practice for Development Support MA. Dev. Com 509
  4. Use of Traditional / Folk Media for Development MA. Dev. Com 510
  5. Photo Journalism MA. Dev. Com 511
  6. Communication Planning and Management for Development Project MA. Dev. Com. 512
  7. Project Work (Based on Master in Dev.Com)

Third Semester

  1. Organizational Communication MA. Dev. Com 513
  2. Development Sociology MA. Dev. Com 514
  3. Planning and Implementing Communication Campaign for Development MA. Dev. Com 515
  4. Television and Video Production MA. Dev. Com 516
  5. Roles of NGOs INGOs
  6. Civil Society and Communication MA. Dev. Com 517
  7. Advertising and Publisc Relations
  8. Approaches for Development MA. Dev. Com 518
  9. Project Work (Based on Master in Dev.Com)

Fourth Semester

  1. Communication and Behavioral Change MA. Dev. Com 519
  2. Thesis / Dissertation MA. Dev. Com 520
  3. Any Two Courses From The List Communication for Development in the Third World MA. Dev. Com 521
  4. International Communication MA. Dev. Com 522
  5. Science and Environmental Journalism MA. Dev. Com 523
  6. Role of Communication in Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution MA. Dev. Com 524
  7. Health Communication MA. Dev. Com 525

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