Our Vision

College of Journalism and Mass Communication aims at transforming itself into Communication University of Nepal [CU Nepal]. CU Nepal has already been registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports. 

To set a new benchmark of quality in journalism in Nepal there is but one way and that is through the establishment of a university that focuses solely on teaching Journalism. University status affords us the liberty to build new foundations upon which, further exploration can take place to bring about an end to the "old-schooling" of journalism in Nepal and re-evaluate our teaching practices which to be honest are more reliquary than relevant. 

Once the umbrella act mandates the establishment of private universities, the primary pre-requisite will then be met for Communication University of Nepal to come to fruition. CU Nepal will not only flourish under CJMC's heritage but, most importantly, it will allow us the liberty to bring changes to our curriculum. With necessary infrastructure and backed by CJMC's rich legacy we hope to be a center for excellence in Journalism for the whole of Nepal and open variety of faculties and disciplines under journalism and mass communication. 

In addition, it will allow for an easier access to partner with other esteemed universities around the world and invite professors from abroad to train and educate our students for an in-depth and integrated understanding of Journalism. We will also be better positioned to give our students more facilities and benefits and send them abroad for experience and research. 

We are certain that Communication University of Nepal will usher in a whole new revolution in journalism in our small Himalayan country. For a country that has lived through tyrannical rule and gone through bouts of civil war and unrest, Communication University of Nepal is committed to uphold the objectives of democracy and free press.

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